After the Accident: The Driving Isn’t All Bad, Is It?

One of the most confusing times for a person may be when he or she has had an automobile accident and the officer has charged him or her for the accident. The person may feel like he or she didn’t do anything to cause the accident, that it was the other person’s fault. The matter might become so perplexing that the person may ask himself or herself the question, “My Driving Isn’t All Bad, Is It?” Well, reflecting on the events that led up to the accident might cause the person to hire a lawyer to prove he or she wasn’t at fault.

What Might Cause a Person to Drive Wildly

The person who is involved in an automobile accident and charged with driving wildly might have been doing so trying to avoid another accident. Another individual might have started weaving and wobbling in traffic, leading the person who ends up being charged to drive in a fashion trying to avoid the accident, but another accident was caused. This is not something that will be obvious at the time of the accident, but a competent lawyer can pull this information out in court.

More Reasons a Person May Drive Erratically

A person may also be charged with an accident if the weather is so bad that another driver didn’t see him or her approaching and turned in front of the car. The way the cars are sitting when the police officer is making out his or her report may make it appear the innocent driver is at fault. Driving erratically may have been the only way for the innocent driver to prevent the accident from being worse.

Getting an Attorney to Prove Your Innocence

Because an auto accident may cause it to appear that someone is at fault that really isn’t, it is up to an experienced attorney to show otherwise. The Law Office of Keith L. Magness has been providing legal solutions for automobile accident clients in the New Orleans, Louisiana area for a long time. If there are any persons in need of representation for an auto accident, they can visit the attorney’s website at