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How To Make a Unique Logo Without Spending Money

It’s not really that difficult to guess why you’re here, reading our stuff; it’s obvious you finally realized how important having a logo is in terms of branding or promoting your business, company, or a recent investment. It’s true that making a logo back in the day meant hiring a graphic artist to come up with something that’s professional-looking; but thanks to all sorts of online tools, most of which are free, creating DIY logos no longer requires spending money. Well, the only challenge really is figuring out a way to create a logo that will be completely unique to your business or brand.

Look for an Online Tool

The first step in the entire process of making your own logo is to find the best online tool which will offer you the assistance you need. It’s your choice to pick an online tool that’s free to use or maybe invest in something more premium but will only cost you $20 or even less.

The Shape

You probably have heard people saying that the first thing you must come up with is the text or figure to incorporate in your logo, but we believe that the shape is a more important foundation. The shape is vital because it will be the base of your design. As soon as you come up with the shape, you then can begin experimenting with colors, effects, and sizes.

Keep it Simple

Keep in mind that in making logos for whatever purpose, it only will be effective if you keep it simple. In fact, it’s a very common mistake for beginners to go the extra mile to make their logos fancy, eventually overdoing it. All you really need to be concerned about are the font and shape. If you use so many fonts or colors, your target audience might eventually get confused as to what sort of message you’re trying to send them.

Never Copy

Another very important rule in creating a logo is to make it as original as possible. This is where the concept of being unique depends. And if you insist on copying some elements of another logo, you end up losing because it is more likely that you’re copying from a bigger and more established brand.

Thinking Outside the Box

Lastly, don’t forget to tap the creativity in you by thinking outside the box. As a matter of fact, the very reason why brands fail in creating a unique logo that will stand out from the rest is because they don’t acknowledge the importance of deviating from what’s conventional and common. If you really are serious about your success in your first attempt to make a logo for your brand, then you have to dare to be different.

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